Pure Ratios Vaporizor cartridge .5

Pure Ratios Vaporizor cartridge .5

Lemon Tree Vape Cartridges 500mg 1/2g

Lemon Tree Vaporizer Cartridges 500mg 1/2g

Panda Sauce (sativa)

Sativa Panda Mod refill 2000mg *******call to see what flavors are available**********

Panda Sauce (hybrid)

Hybrid Panda Mod refill 2000mg *********call to see what flavors are available************

Vapor Slide 2 in 1 cartridge

2 in 1 cartridge vaporizer that can be used for on-the-go vaping just like a regular pen, as well as in any 14mm down-stem water pipe creating a dab like effect. Enjoy a more powerful pen with a button-free design and quick change heat settings with the variable voltage top.

Vaporslide Cartridges Refills

Vaporslide Cartridges Refills

TOK Switch Blade Battery

TOK Switch Blade Battery

Panda Vapes Battery Pen + Charger

Panda Vapes' Batter Pen + Charger are easy to use vape pen batteries for medical cannabis patients. Compatible with 510 threaded Panda Vapes' cartridge, which contains the highest-grade quality liquefied Shatter oil from among the best extract artists in the cannabis community. Lightweight, easy to use, and durable to ensure you stay medicated all day long.

Panda Bear Vaporizor

Panda Vapes' Panda Bear Shatter is the first mega-performing THC pre-filled mod. 2000 (2 grams) of the finest liquified shatter on the market today. The absolute closest you can come to dabbing off a rig. Panda Vapes partnered with Joytec (the famous vaping company) to co-brand their first cannabis oil related mod. This hefty battery produces large clouds that will get even hardened dabbers coughing on shatter goodness. Shatter refills will also be available for the mod. ASK WHAT FLAVORS ARE AVAILABLE (blubbery pie, bamboo og ,blue dream, lemon tree, moxie og, spacewalker og, & ducatti og

Panda Vapes Indica LiquidShatter Cartridge 600mg

***********ASK WHAT STRAINS ARE AVAILABLE**************** Panda Vape Cartridge is the high end, pre-filled cartridge with premium liquid shatter. A reliable cartridge that delivers flavor and hits like a high-quality dab. A collaboration with Nameless Genetics! Quality shatter. Superior potency. All natural terpenes.

Apollo Grown Sativa Cartidges .5

Apolo Grown Sativa Cartidges .5 gram

Liquid Gold Pure Indica 0.5g Tank

Manufactured By: G FarmaLabs, Liquid Gold PURE Tanks, Strain:Indica, Capacity: 0.5 Grams