Golden state Banana Live Resin .5 g

Golden State Banana Live resin .5g

Golden State Banana Sugar Crumble

GoldenState Banana Sugar Crumble. Very tasty

Panda Crumbs (Do-Si-Do)

DoSiDo crumble by Panda Vapes

Kessel Run Extracts-HyperDrive OG Shatter

.5g JetFuel Og shatter by KesselRun extracts

Kessel Run Extracts-Pink Lemon Haze

Kessel Run Extracts-Pink Lemon Haze shatter hybrid

Kessel Run Extracts-Leia Cake

Kessel Run Extracts-Leia Cake shatter hybrid

Kessel Run Extracts-Naboo Glue

Kessel Run Extracts-Naboo Glue shatter (gorilla glue) hybrid

Kessel Run Extracts-Pink Wookie

Kessel Run Extracts-Pink Wookie shatter (pink cookies) hybrid

Kessel Run Extracts-Do-Si-Solo

Kessel Run Extracts-Do-Si-Solo shatter hybrid

Kessel Run Extracts-Wampa Dawg

Kessel Run Extracts-Wampa Dawg shatter (alien dawg) hybrid

Kessel Run Extracts-Sunset Sherbert

Kessel Run Extracts-Sunset Sherbert shatter hybrid

Kessel Run Extracts-FruitRoll-Up

Kessel Run Extracts-FruitRoll-Up shatter sativa

Kessel Run Extracts-Alpine Animal

Kessel Run Extracts-Alpine Animal shatter indica

Gorilla Glue Crumble 0.5G

Flavor Extracts provides crumble and wax products that are hand-selected for optimum flavor, an unmistakable nose, and premium color. Manufactured using only the finest material sourced from local artisanal producers. Produced Responsibly and Safely with care in closed loop systems. Never any residual solvents, as tested by SC Labs.