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Pals Collective Association services are always fast and always discreet. We are a non-profit medical marijuana collective, fully compliant with the California Attorney General Guidelines, Proposition 215 & Senate Bill 420. Pals Collective Association, is formed for the mutual benefit of patient members and articles of incorporation are on file at the Secretary of the State of California office.

Pals Collective Association only facilitates the collaborative efforts of patient members, including agricultural production of medicinal cannabis and the allocation of costs and revenues. We do not collect donations in exchange for marijuana, but we collect a transaction fee for providing services for our patient members. Pals Collective Association works with medical marijuana farmers all over California who cultivate only the best medicine for our patient members.

When you become a member of Pals Collective Association you can be assured you're going to receive the very best service and the best medical marijuana grown in the great state of California. If you would like to become a member and obtain our services for medical marijuana today, please fill out our membership application. If you are having trouble filling out the membership application, call us and we can help you with the process.

Bishop marijuana delivery: Our drivers will deliver your medical marijuana very discrete right to your home or office location. Orders are typically delivered within one hour after verification.

Pals Collective Association services are legal under California law for medical cannabis patients with valid medical physician letters of recommendation and 100% safe. All you need to do is follow the instructions below and you can receive your medicine today, in most cases in as little a 1 hour.

Must be located in the state of California.

Must be 20 years of age or older, with a valid California ID.

Must have a valid recommendation from a medical doctor to use medical marijuana.

Becoming A Member Takes Two Minutes. Please fill out the online application.

Patient Reviews

good "




My Wife, myself, and 1 other family member have been pts. since 2011. We have traveled far and wide with no dispensary local. We used to go up the hill when the old Green Mammoth was there and have used MLW too, but I not only make a valley wage here, but also have a lot of medical bills. Pain, many surgeries for my Wife and I etc. etc. We were not only happy, but also amazed! Time: Filled out Wife's info, placed order, and 18 minutes later the driver was here. Quality: SkyWalker was displaying the full assets of the Force! Pain lowered, Wife's pain too! She is finally getting some4 sleep!!! Good medicine. Period! Staff: Their driver was nice, courteous, clean, patient while paperwork was finished, and informative about menu items. We tipped him a five spot on a half. Tip the drivers! They deserve it for certain risks taken. We would rate them a 5 star service as of this time... our first time as their patients."

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Monday - Friday (9:00AM-9:00PM) Saturday-Sunday (10:00AM-9:00PM)

Free gram for first time patients!!!

If you are ever unhappy with any Pals strain, you can return your order in exchange for another strain.